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Bee Wise Pest Management offers specialty services for mosquitoes, outdoor party service, stinkbug-box elder bugs, bee nest removal, flies, pantry pests, and cicada killers.

fot1Mosquito Service

There is no better way to control mosquitoes than a thorough application and spray to the yard, trees, bushes, and shrubs by a  mosquito specialist.

fot2Outdoor Party Service

Don’t let flies and mosquitoes take over the table, leave the hotdogs and hamburgers to your family and friends and the flies and mosquitoes to Bee Wise Pest Management. We understand how annoying it can be to have mosquitoes and flies hovering around your food during a party or event.

fot3Stinkbug – Box Elder Bug Service

You can keep the stink-bugs and box elder out of your house with a safe and effective treatment from Bee Wise Pest Management.

fto4Bee Nest Removal Service

We will safely remove the nest attached to your home using the “rig” method, or we will unleash our wasp and hornet aerosol spray that is safe for indoor and outdoor use.


fot5Fly Preventative Service

You can put your fly swatter away. Bee Wise Pest Managhement has an effective service that will keep those annoying flies out of your house.

fot6Pantry Pest Service

Has an affordable and effective method to get rid of all types of pantry pests such as Rice Weevils, Granary Weevils, Grain Moths, Grain Bores, Drugstore Beetles, Tobacco Beetle, and more.

fot7Cicada Killer Service

Cicada killers burrow holes and create mounds of dirt in your yard, making it look messy and unkempt. If untreated, the cicada killers can grow and become a serious and recurring problem.

Entry Point Elimination Service

Rodents and other pests enter your home through holes and cracks in the foundation of your house and eliminating these entry points will greatly reduce the chance of an infestation.